Kitchen Organization 101: Year-End Cabinet Clean Up


Cleanliness in the kitchen has always been a priority for many homeowners in California. Besides keeping everything free from disease-causing bacteria, a tidy kitchen space can also make various tasks more efficient. And one crucial kitchen part that must be cleaned at all times is the kitchen cabinets, which are technically the primary storage option in many kitchens around the Golden State. 

For years, kitchen cabinets have served various purposes to homeowners, mainly enabling them to keep the countertops and kitchen islands organized. It can house items needed in daily kitchen activities, such as cooking tools, silverware, and dry food stock. Proper organization in kitchen cabinets can be a game changer for many households, allowing the residents to efficiently finish their tasks and use their saved time on other activities. 

But the excessive use of kitchen cabinets for most of the year, capped by successive holidays during the latter months, eventually led to kitchen cabinets looking chaotic. This is why cleaning the kitchen cabinets became a yearly new year’s resolution for many, allowing them to make their kitchen cabinets look tidy again. But if you are one of those individuals who lack knowledge of how you can adequately clean your cabinets before the festivities begin, here are some things you need to know. 

The most effective way to start cleaning a cabinet is to empty the furniture to reveal all the cabinet details possible. This would allow you to thoroughly clean the cabinet and ensure that no dust will remain in the cupboard. 

This is also an excellent opportunity to see if the cabinet is already full of scratches or if its hinges and knobs are already squeaky. Early detection of these problems will allow you to immediately contact providers of kitchen cabinet refacing in Cypress, which is a cheaper option than investing in new kitchen cabinets. 

To learn more about how to properly clean up your kitchen cabinets to start the new year, check this infographic by

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