Complete Guide To Candle Moulds

Candlemaking trends are always changing, with old techniques and styles merged with new ones. Moulded candles are century’s old, but newfound attention has made them trendy. Makers are giving these traditional candles a contemporary spin.

Mould candles are manufactured by pouring wax into a shape, letting it set, and then removing it before lighting. Making a freestanding candle requires three important steps. First, you’ll need wax, a mould, and a wick.

Moulded candles provide several benefits. They allow you to make more shapes and sizes than jar candles. Moulded candles may be a good option when jar prices are rising, and supplies are dwindling.

Moulds for freestanding candles can be pricey, depending on the type. If you buy excellent quality moulds and take care of them, you may use them multiple times before replacing them.

Moulded Candle Wax?

Since a freestanding candle lacks the walls of a container, you must choose a firm wax that can keep its shape while burning. Paraffin, beeswax, palm wax, and soy wax can be used for moulded candles.

Harder waxes can tolerate heat better than container waxes. You should use something other than container wax when producing a freestanding candle. First, soy and coconut waxes are difficult to remove from moulds. The unmolding process may have left delicate details if you obtain a container wax candle out of your mould. If you pull your candle out of the mould intact, whoever burns it will have to mop up a massive oily pool.

When you choose a wax made for mould candles, you can be sure your candle will burn brilliantly and retain its shape.

How To Choose Mold?

After choosing a wax, choose a mould. We’ll compare metal and silicone candle mould.

Metal Moulds

Metal moulds are useful for manufacturing basic, smooth-sided candles. They’re resilient and work well with high-melting-point waxes. Metal moulds are cheaper than silicone. Metal moulds have a long lifespan if well-maintained. Some older metal candle moulds are now collectible.

Metal moulds can only make simple candles without fascinating embellishments. The stickiness of the wax makes them unsuitable for creating beeswax candles.

Rubber Moulds

Silicone moulds are great for constructing ornate candles. Professional candle makers utilise silicone moulds because of their many benefits.

Silicone Mold Benefits

  • Silicone moulds constructed using high-quality materials are indestructible and can last for years.
  • It can handle 200°F wax.
  • Most waxes won’t attach to silicone. Therefore mould release is unnecessary.
  • Silicone moulds allow you unlimited candle forms and decorations.

The primary negative is how expensive they are, but they’ll be worth it over time. It would be best if you also bought a high-tensile-strength silicone mould. Cheap silicone moulds are constructed of low-tensile silicone that rips and breaks readily and must be replaced after little use. Cheap silicone moulds may transmit colour and aroma from candle to candle.

Mould Candle Wicks

Freestanding candle wicks are similar to container candle wicks. Start by choosing a wick for your wax. The candle’s diameter determines the right wick size.

A wick in a container candle may only operate in a freestanding candle of a different diameter. Wax has a greater melting point and is tougher. A freestanding candle of the same width will require more heat to melt.

Choose the proper size wick for your mould candle. The ideal candle burns gently and fully. Over wicking a candle causes the melt pool to burst through the wax walls, causing molten wax to run down the side. Underwriting a candle will cause it to tunnel along the centre and drown when wax from the sides melts into the flame. As with all candles, test burning from start to end is crucial to choosing the proper wick.


Free-standing moulded candles are fun to make. It allows you to make container candles in new forms. Once you start making them, the rewards will far exceed the problems. Find high-quality moulds so you can use them often and take care of them to extend your life. Candle-making fun!