Four Tips to Hep You Choose Different Tile Sizes to Improve the Look and Feel of Your Room

These days, handcrafted decorative tile phoenix az come in different designs, sizes, and styles. You can get a tile as small as a one-inch mosaic tile or a big format plank. No matter your requirements, there are many tile options to pick from. Getting Club Ceramic tiles that add dimension, pops of colour, or uniqueness to a room can be fun as long as you know how exactly to blend various sizes and shapes to meet your specific design goals. Tiles can significantly impact how a room feels and when you pick tiles with the right shape and size, you can transform a room into your desired space. The following tips can help you pick various tile sizes to upgrade your space:

Invest in Bigger Tiles If You Have a Small Room

Grout lines are fewer and thinner, bigger tiles can make a small room look bigger. Big-format tiles will make your floors look more streamlined, creating the illusion of a bigger space. If you are looking to incorporate wall tile in a small room, ensure the size of the tile you choose is proportionate to the room.  

Keep in mind that wall tiles need to be complementary and should not be bigger than the floor tile. Otherwise, the room’s proportional look and balance will be upset. 

Create Good Flow in a Small Room with Tiny Tiles

If you want to enhance the flow of your small floor plan if you have a compact spacing of your bathroom fixtures, tiny tiles can work wonders. Small tiles require fewer cuts, providing a more streamlined look. 

Invest in Plank Tiles for Additional Texture and Depth

Wood-look plank tiles provide the warmth of hardwood with a tile’s resiliency. Linear tiles such as 9×30-inch planks provide extra depth to a room and are available in various styles, colours, and textures.  Also, incorporating stone planks in corridor, herringbone, and brick-joint patterns can provide your floor with a modern twist.

Remember that the Shape of a Tile Affects a Room

You do not need to stick to the common tile designs. These days, using a unique tile pattern or shape will add depth to a space. For instance, you can choose diagonal tiles if you want a narrow room to look wider.  Adding contrasting rectangular-shaped tiles as a border will define a space. Also, mosaic tile shapes such as arabesque can create extraordinary specialty designs. These different shapes can be used in a strip to offset conventional square tiles or create attractive accent walls.