Top 7 House Styles to Consider Before Redesigning Your Home

You must have surely come across many different terms when it comes to selecting a new house. Well, it is crucial to understand these terms, especially if you are looking for a new house or planning to completely change your existing one.

So, here are the top 5 types of house styles that you must know about.

Different types of house styles

There are over 35 different types of house styles. Each style has its architectural characteristics and beauty.

Some of the most famous styles are:

1. Contemporary style house

This is the most modern house style in today’s market. It is designed to save energy. The structure highlights geometry. In this type of home, the available place is efficiently utilized. Nevertheless, such a modern house can be expensive.

Learn more about how you can beautify the interior of a contemporary-style house here.

2. Ranch-style house

This type of house is single-story and broad in layout. Its open floor layout is usually rectangular, U – shaped, or L – shaped. It usually comes with a garage or a basement. This type of house is comfortable for casual living. It is easier to design, and more efficient compared to other house styles.

3. Cottage-style house

A cottage-style house has an extremely welcoming ring to it. The floor layout has open corridors and doors. Also, no matter what you are looking for – a bungalow or a Tudor house, you can find it in cottage style.

4. Farmhouse-style house

You must have surely heard about the farmhouse-style interior. well, the design concept is very traditional and it has a sense of warmth to it. This is exactly what you get from a farmhouse-style house as well. The kitchen design in such homes is pretty traditional and classy. You can expect floor-to-ceiling length windows in the living room and spacious front porches.

5. Mediterranean-style house

Spanish and Italian villas are designed using the Mediterranean style. This type of house is more popular in areas with temperate climates like Florida and California.

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Some of the basic features are:

  • White stucco walls
  • Tiled roofs
  • Wood and warm stone
  • Metal work on windows and balconies

6. Victorian Style houses

This style of house became popular in the 1830s and remained in fashion until the 1900s. This type of house typically has 2 to 3 floors.

Some of the intriguing features of Victorian-style houses are:

  • Big and small-sized porches
  • Woodwork that is richly detailed
  • Roofs designed with slanted gables

7. Craftsman-style house

These houses have a well-crafted structure. they are normally horizontal in design and known for their sturdiness. A lot of emphases is given to the porches designs. Stunning hand-work materials, low-pitched gable roods, exposed beams, tapered columns, etc. are what you can see on porches. As far as the interior is concerned, you can expect to see some exclusively designed bookcases as well as a hand-laid fireplace.

There are many other fascinating house styles to consider other than the ones mentioned here. Also, you can always consider mixing different elements from different styles and customize your own home. However, take the opinions of different home designers before doing so.