Do You Know what are the Various Services Provided by an Architect?

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Are you planning to extend your present home? Then the first thing that will come to your mind is, which architect to consult so that your plan becomes a reality.

Any kind of home modification or extension must be validated by a professional architect so that it will be structurally strong.

If you are trying to extend your home for the first time then you must surely hire architectural services so that you can ensure that after completing the modification it will safe for you.

An architect will assess your requirement and based on that suitably design the interior, and create a necessary drawing so that you can get approval from the local authority.

Let us discuss in the post the different types of services offered by an architect.

Design services

In this kind of service, an architect will first learn what you are planning to do. Based on your requirement an architect will design the necessary structure so that your building contractor can construct by following that drawing.

If there are any constraints to meet your requirement then the architect will suggest a better idea to meet your requirement.

Planning services

An architect can also act as your agent and offer a planning service for your construction site.

In this role, an architect will offer the following services:

  • Prepare the necessary drawings and documents
  • Coordinate with other agencies
  • Negotiate with local authorities
  • Get consent for your building plan

Building regulation designs

An architect has got the necessary experience to offer consultancy services for the design of your project. They can coordinate with construction engineers and provide suitable remedies if any issue arises during the construction.

They may also modify the drawings based on local requirements and obtain permission from the local authorities.

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Tender stage

For any larger construction projects, often tender documents are needed where an architect can play a major role.

This job involves the following activities:

  • Preparation of tender documents
  • Various coordination activities
  • Inviting different contractors to tender
  • Monitoring of tender process
  • Review of tender
  • Preparation of contract

Construction stage

During the time when construction work is in progress, an architect can play an important role. He may regularly visit the construction site and inspect how the work is progressing. They can also ensure that the proper process is being followed as per the specification.

With this, an architect can monitor the construction quality and provide feedback to the construction team.

Project management services

An architect can also offer project management services so that it is possible to ensure that the project is completed within the necessary timeframe and following the budget planned.

This activity will involve coordinating with various agencies that are involved in the project.

Consulting services

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Consulting services

An architect is in a position to offer consulting services that offer necessary guidance to all the agencies involved in the project.

This job will involve reviewing the project from time to time and offering necessary suggestions as needed.

Specialist consultation

There are a few specialist jobs like historic preservation or sustainability consultation based on the need of any specific project, where an architect can play an important role.

Interior design services

Finally, an architect is able to play a very interesting role by working as an interior decorator. An architect can make your interior aesthetically pleasing as well as more functional too.


An architect has got an important role while modifying or renovating your premises. Not only can they validate your plan, but can also offer many other services for the completion of your project.