Different Types of Kitchen Cabinets that People Love?

For a successful kitchen design, a lot of stress is put on its planning and execution part for this is what adds to the final outcome. Everything from lighting, décor and faucets are carefully planned as pieces of puzzles to make the kitchen appear the best. 

However, while focusing on the otherwise smaller and lesser important parts, one normally tends to lose focus on the more important parts, like the cabinets. Today, you will find a wide range of cabinets in the market ready to adorn your kitchen, but before you take that one big move, you should know its different types available to choose from.


Shaker-style cabinet is the most common form of kitchen cabinets available. These normally consist of five types of flat-panels and four pieces create the frame. A flat center panel serves as the fifth piece. They are majorly popular because of their simple and classic approach. You can have both traditional and a contemporary approach with these cabinets. They are sturdy and have utilitarian designs.


These cabinets come with horizontal wooden slats and they might cost you a lot. These designs will be normally seen on the windows, interior doors, and furniture pieces. With this, you can add a touch of uniqueness to the kitchen cabinetry. This design also works best for the kitchens that need more ventilation. 

Flat panel or slab

These are also known as slab cabinet doors. They are stylish yet very simple. Using these, you will get hard lines and minimalistic forms of cabinet doors without elaborate detailing. The appearance of the cabinets makes it a perfect choice for both modern and contemporary-styled kitchen decor. Since these cabinets do not have any specific style, they can also be easily created with just simple solid slabs.


Just like their name, these cabinets are built with inset style doors which are set inside the cabinet frame instead of outside like other typical designs. To build these, one needs the precise measurements to ensure that the wood sits perfectly inside the frame and there is no issue in opening or closing them. Though these cabinets are the most expensive options available in the market, their classic look makes them a worthy and durable option. You can easily personalize these cabinets with beaded or non-beaded inserts. 

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