The reason for hiring a fire watch security service is to protect properties, business places, and worksites from fire. Fire watch security guards are trained to keep a vigil on the premises and all the property 24 /7. They report an occurrence of fire to the concerned authority and take steps to put out the fire and evacuate the area instantly.

If you run a business or workplace with the risk of fire-related incidents, using the services of fire watch security guards will enhance your protection against fire hazards. Also see about: Fire Watch Guards

Having a fire watch guard on-site will save you from this danger even if there is a lapse in the functioning of the fire alarm system and sprinklers. At our Security organization, we offer the services of specially trained fire guards and security officers to keep a vigil on your business unit.

Duties of Fire watch Services


The fire watch guard will conduct foot patrols through your entire property. They would look out for any kind of potential fire hazard that may arise in the commercial building or work site. If the fire is detected at any point, they would alert all staff at the premises and communicate the same to the fire department.

Ensure Compliance

Every Business unit must comply with the rules and terms of the safety permit. The fire watch security guard will help you in ensuring that the safety norms are compiled as per the rules. They will ensure at all times that the fire alarm system and equipment are easily accessible and the entry and exits points to the property are clear for movement.

Maintaining Logs

Keeping fire watch logs regularly is ensured. The fire watch guard you hire from our security company will document all the key findings related to the fire alarm system as they patrol every floor and area of your property.

 Evacuation in case of emergency

In addition to reporting and addressing fire-related issues, the fire watch guard is also equally trained to evacuate people in emergencies.

Need to hire fire watch security service

Fire watch services are compulsory for construction sites and commercial buildings with a non-functional fire alarm system. Buildings that have the risk of fire from electrical appliances, heating equipment, and chemicals should hire fire watch services for round-the-clock monitoring of their properties and assets.

We are committed to providing the highest standards of fire watch services. Fire watch services are tailored to help businesses and building owners prevent fire accidents at their sites The guards ensure that the fire suppression system works properly. Deploying fire watch security guards at your property will enhance your protection.

Each of our clients is assigned a manager who would coordinate with the fire department and ensure that all the fire safety codes are properly complied with as per the fire safety terms and regulations.

Even if the need for fire watch services at your property arises at the last minute, feel free to reach out to us.