Facts About SPF Lumber

Americans International Forest Products have been dealing with materials like steel, lumber, and other products for more than 50 years, the manufacturing and construction of projects across the country. SPF Lumber is ideal for commercial and residential construction due to its log size and intense strength. Lumber is a tall, straight tree that is ideal for construction when dried correctly. You can order Spec Wood spf low grade lumber for your construction purposes.

Facts about SPF lumber

SPF is made of three words: spruce, pine, and fir. SPF refers to dimensional lumber or engineered ones derived from coniferous forests. Most lumbers come from Canada but also come from the northern United States.

Western SPF lumber originates from lodgepole pine, Engelmann spruce, White spruce, and Alpine fir trees, which are available in large sizes due to the general climate and the size of logs. Easter SPF lumber originates from red spruce, White spruce, Black spruce, Jack pine, and Balsam fir trees, which grow slower and generates wood with excellent strength properties. 


SPF wood has a high strength-to-weight ratio with small sound tight knots. It also features superior gluing and dimensional stability properties. Not only it holds paint, but it also nails and meets building code requirements for strength, sound transmission, and fire safety. 


It is used for single and multi-family construction, furniture framing, crating and packaging commercial construction, etc. Due to its competitive pricing and strength-to-weight ratio, it is most often sued for wood framing in commercial buildings, houses, apartments, furniture, and trusses. 

The SPF Lumber industry

The market of SPF lumber constantly changes, and AIFP works harder to should the changes and plan for the future. Recently, the supply from Canada has reduced log costs, beetle kills, tariffs, and wildfires which make the Canadian producer meet the requirements. Over the past few years, lumber’s buying tendencies have also changed. Buyers manage their inventory much thinner and lean on ‘just in time style deliveries rather than inventory at a time.

If you are looking for lumber or other materials for construction and manufacturing projects, Spec wood has got you covered. 

Wood-frame construction takes place on-site, but there are many quality advantages and costs to using premanufactured components such as walls and trusses. Most Canadian manufacturers are making the importance. When we construct on-site from premanufactured

Components, the construction of wood is a light, easy, and fast way of building apartments, houses, and other commercial buildings.