Can One consider my Popcorn Ceiling

Paints present in popcorn ceilings sometimes contain asbestos. However, it does not always imply yours do. It might be worth noting though that you simply should not try to scrape the paint off your popcorn ceiling unless of course obviously clearly you are certain it does not contain asbestos. Take a look at a number of our advice below that will assist you correctly handle that popcorn ceiling you’ve.

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Know age your house.

Asbestos is a common material on the majority of building materials acquainted with construct older homes. It is therefore necessary to know age the dwelling when it had been built. When the property was built before 1968, odds are there might be some type of asbestos based in the event, together with your popcorn ceiling.

Some, whilst not all, construction materials including popcorn ceilings containing asbestos were banned in the united states within the 1970s, making characteristics built later on free of this dangerous chemical. Knowing certainly the house or even your ceiling was built carrying out a ban, you might place your fears to wind down since the popcorn ceiling is most most likely free of asbestos.

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Get it tested.

In situation you are unsure when your home was built that is age otherwise you comprehend it was built before asbestos popcorn ceilings were banned, the very best move is to find it tested getting an expert and licensed asbestos consultant.

For precautionary measures, asbestos consultants will put on mind-to-ft hazmat suits with respirators and could close-up the location before an example from your popcorn ceiling. So don’t panic if you notice them because get-up. They’re also vulnerable to filter the climate having a HEPA vacuum system to ensure that stray fibers released in route of getting an example out of your ceiling won’t remain boating in your own home afterward. Wonderful individuals precautionary measures in position, you might realize that asbestos-containing popcorn ceilings can easily pose a considerable health concern. So again, you shouldn’t try to ruin a popcorn ceiling unless of course obviously clearly you are sure that it does not contain any asbestos.

Get professional removal.

When the asbestos testing returned positive, you’d certainly need to get that popcorn ceiling you’ve removed, professionally. Elimination of a popcorn ceiling that contains asbestos is not something to do on your own, since it is too harmful. Should you try and take it off, you’ll naturally get showered with products of popcorn material and a lot of dust that contains harmful asbestos fibers. The removal process is very untidy and inhaling asbestos may be inevitable without getting a proven method to make use of. Additionally, you may spread dust on your home and contaminate individuals areas too.